5 Pill-Free Options for Erectile Dysfunction

April 22, 2024

Do you wish intimacy didn’t require a pill? It’s possible.

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual problem reported by men. It’s due to a lack of blood flow to the penis. Take the ED symptom quiz.

If a pill-free solution for your ED sounds ideal, here are five alternatives that may be a good match for you (or someone you know):

  1. eWave Therapy: Gentle pulses of energy increase blood flow to the penis, allowing you to improve performance in the bedroom. Each treatment lasts about 15 minutes and you’re back to work or your plans for the day.
  2. Injection therapy: You self-inject a medication into the base of your penis. Erection typically begins within 10 minutes and lasts for about an hour.
  3. Suppository:You place a tiny pellet into the tip of your penis. The medication softens causes your blood vessels to expand, which increases the blood flow. The increase in flow causes an erection. Erection occurs in 5-10 minutes and last about an hour.
  4. Penile pump:This hand-powered pump is placed over your penis and works by pulling blood into the penis. Once erect, you place a ring over the base of the penis. These erections tend not to be as firm as erections from other methods.
  5. Penile Implant: A cylinder is implanted into your penis; a pump implanted into your scrotum; a reservoir of fluid in your abdomen. You have complete control over when you become erect and for how long. The implant has a patient/partner satisfaction rate of more than 90%. Watch this video to learn more about penile implants.

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