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Advanced Prostate Cancer Is On The Rise: Here’s What You Should Know

2023-03-23T20:26:27+00:00March 23, 2023|

By Jeffrey B. Walker, M.D. Nationally, a man’s chance of being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer is less than one in 10. In the Greater Philadelphia region, those odds may be higher. Philadelphia County has recorded the highest number of [...]

What Our Mothers Never Taught Us About Women’s Urologic Health

2023-03-10T19:14:02+00:00May 26, 2022|

By Dr. Darlene Gaynor-Krupnick There are certain things in life that are deemed too taboo for discussion, and female urologic conditions are often high on that list. Our mothers typically have done their jobs to prepare us for menstruation, but [...]

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