LUGPA Celebrates the Role of Urology in Men’s Health

June 10, 2023

Chicago, IL, June 10, 2023 – During Men’s Health Month in June, LUGPA is raising awareness of the importance of urologic health for men’s overall health and wellbeing. Many urinary conditions have a greater impact on men than women. Urologists play a critical role in treating and preventing conditions and diseases of the urinary system and male reproductive system.

Men should speak with a urologist about their personal risk for certain cancers. For example, prostate cancer is commonly diagnosed by a urologist. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in American men, and the chances of getting prostate cancer increase as men get older.

“I encourage men to speak with a urologist about their personal risk for prostate cancer and whether a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening should be considered,” said Evan Goldfischer, M.D., president of LUGPA. “Black men are at higher risk for prostate cancer, along with men who have a family history of prostate cancer or who have been exposed to certain toxic chemicals. Similarly, a urologist can discuss risk factors and screening options for kidney, bladder, and testicular cancers.”

People should never hesitate to speak with a urologist if they are experiencing signs or symptoms that are worrying them or affecting their quality of life, such as trouble urinating, urinating frequently or noticing blood in their urine. Urologists can determine if treatment can help and if these may be signs of a more serious problem.

For example, one common urological problem in men is an enlarged prostate. This benign condition, in which the prostate gland is enlarged, may lead to certain urinary symptoms, such as frequent urination. If symptoms become bothersome, a urologist can advise patients on treatment options.

Urologists also regularly treat issues related to men’s sexual health. One of the most common reasons that men visit a urologist is erectile dysfunction (ED). More than 30 million men experience ED in the United States. Though the condition is common, it could potentially be a sign of a more serious health problem. Men should not hesitate to speak with a urologist about ED or other reproductive health issues. Urologists also provide treatment for a variety of other male reproductive concerns, including treatments related to fertility and birth control.

“We cannot underestimate the role urologists play in improving men’s health and quality of life,” Goldfischer said. “As urologists, our goal is to empower men to take charge of their health by understanding their risk, practicing healthy lifestyle habits and regularly seeing a urologist, so they can achieve their best state of health and wellbeing.”

This Men’s Health Month, LUGPA encourages men to speak with a urologist about their health. LUGPA represents over 150 independent urology practices across the country that help prevent and treat men’s urologic issues. To learn more, visit

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LUGPA is the only nonprofit urology trade association in the US. Since its founding in 2008, LUGPA has earned national recognition in the pursuit of its mission to preserve and advance the independent practice of urology while demonstrating quality and value to patients, vendors, third-party payors, legislators and regulatory agencies. The robust resources LUGPA provides help member groups to meet the challenges of independent practice in today’s rapidly changing healthcare marketplace. For more information, visit 

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