Newsletter – November 2023

November 19, 2023


Nearly half of Americans plan to travel sometime between Thanksgiving and mid-January according to Fortune magazine. If you’re one of them, and you’re living with an overactive bladder (OAB) or incontinence, you may be wondering how you’ll manage that sudden need to go.  

Follow these six tips to gain control. 

  • Train your bladder before traveling. A few weeks before your trip, start scheduling when you pee, rather than waiting until you urgently have to go. Then gradually lengthen times between trips, for endurance. At the same time, practice pelvic-squeezing exercises, called Kegels, to strengthen the bladder muscles (both women and men).
  • Think twice about what you drink. Coffee, carbonated drinks, and some artificial sweeteners can irritate the bladder and trigger an extreme need to pee. Meanwhile, coffee and alcohol are diuretics, meaning they promote the need to urinate. If you expect to be away from a bathroom for a few hours, limit or avoid theses drinks beforehand.
  • Think about what you eat. If you like spicy tacos, get them with a side of black beans. Spicy dishes, citrus fruits, and tomatoes are potential OAB triggers, as well as foods high in liquid (like cucumbers). However, a range of foods can help your OAB, including beans, wheat bran, nuts, and high-fiber fruits and vegetables.
  • Use handheld technology. Download one of these restroom locator apps on your phone to show you the nearest restrooms: Flush, Sit or Squat, and Bathroom Scout. Check the app before you have to go – knowing bathroom locations helps you manage when and how much to drink.
  • Consider your Rx. Some medications can help you control the need to pee by blocking the chemical messengers that trigger involuntary muscle contractions. Other medications are designed to relax the bladder muscle. But note: some medications, including blood pressure meds and antidepressants, can worsen OAB. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them but be aware of their side effects.
  • Pack easy-access solutions and “easy-off” clothing. In addition to packing absorbent liners, medications, and extra undergarments, include some in your day bag or purse. When choosing what to wear, select clothing that’s easy to get out of in a hurry. Avoid restricting belts and pants with lots of fasteners or buttons.

Book Time With Your Urologist

Your holidays should be full of relaxation and fun, not mad dashes to the restroom. The physicians at MidLantic Urology can help. We treat OAB and incontinence every day. Visit our website to request an appointment.


When you need a urologic surgery or procedure that doesn’t require an overnight stay, our outpatient surgery center can be a great option. It’s a popular alternative to hospitals because we:

  • We have three operating rooms and 11 recovery bays and are licensed as Class C, the highest classification possible for such centers in Pennsylvania. 
  • Specialize in urology procedures.
  • Are a convenient alternative to hospitals, (easier parking and building access)
  • Are known for providing both quality and value. Depending on your insurance, the MidLantic Urology Surgery Center (MUSC) is often less expensive than the same procedure in a hospital.
  • Have specialized staff who take the time to focus on our patients and families.

Since opening in 2021, the MidLantic Urology Surgery Center has provided hundreds of urology patients in Philadelphia and surrounding counties with the care they need and the convenience they prefer. Located at 656 East Swedesford Rd in Wayne, our state-of-the-art facility was designed specifically for urologic same-day surgeries including diagnostic and preventive procedures. The MUSC has three operating rooms and 11 recovery bays and is licensed as Class C, the highest classification possible for such centers in Pennsylvania. 

If your MidLantic urologist recommends an outpatient procedure, ask if the MUSC is right for you.


If you know eight men who are older than 50, then you likely know at least one person with prostate cancer. You should urge all of them, however, to get a screening.

Prostate cancer is diagnosed in about one in eight men. It’s the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in men. Yet nearly nine in 10 prostate cancers can be cured if caught early, through a simple blood test and physical exam.

Learn more about prostate cancer causes and treatments by watching this webinar hosted by MidLantic urologist Dr. Gregory McMahon.


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