Press Release – Now Offering IV Infusion Immunotherapy

July 10, 2023


MidLantic Urology is Now Offering IV Infusion Immunotherapy to Qualified Bladder Cancer Patients

Philadelphia, PA (July 10, 2023) – IV infusion immunotherapy, previously only available at an oncologist’s office, is now available to medically qualified bladder cancer patients through MidLantic Urology.

“We are excited to broaden the menu of treatment options we can offer to our bladder cancer patients,” said MidLantic Urology Chief Medical Director Guy Thomas Bernstein, M.D. “Our patients are already coming to our office for frequent check-ups and have a trusted relationship with their urologist, so offering IV infusion immunotherapy in our office offers both peace-of-mind and significant convenience for them.”

FDA-approved immunotherapy treatments for non-muscle invasive bladder cancers have been available in the U.S. for about two years. Immunotherapy treatments use substances made by the body or laboratory to stimulate the patient’s immune system to find and destroy cancer cells.

MidLantic Urology has provided IV infusion therapy treatments to patients through clinical research studies for the past three years. However, this is the practice’s first venture into offering it as a cancer care service.

“Our ability to offer this type of advanced cancer care service is due to the experience of our team. You must have centralized treating physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners familiar with infusion therapies and exceptional cancer navigation systems to identify patients appropriately. This new service speaks to the depth of our expertise in urological cancer care,” concluded Dr. Bernstein.

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