“Probably Nothing” Turned Out to Be Testicular Cancer

March 22, 2024

“It’s probably nothing.”  But it was testicular cancer.  Here’s Ian’s story.

Three years ago, at 38 years old, Ian had a vasectomy. During the days that followed he felt a lump on one side of his scrotum. “So I called the urologist who said it’s probably nothing, but come in and we’ll take a look,” Ian recalls.

The following Monday Ian met with a MidLantic Urology physician assistant who ordered an ultrasound for the next day. After reading the ultrasound, the radiologist, who was a friend of Ian’s, told him ‘this doesn’t look good.’ So Ian immediately reached out to his golf buddy, MidLantic Urology’s Dr. David Cahn. And by Friday he was on the operating table.

Testicular cancer is not very common. It affects mostly young males between the ages of 15 and 35, and occurs when abnormal cells grow out of control in the testes.

When detected early, testicular cancer is highly treatable as was the case with Ian. He had the diseased testicle removed. No radiation. No chemotherapy. Follow-up meant quarterly CAT scans, then semi-annual CAT scans. If the scans continue to be clear for five years, Ian will be declared cancer free.

Looking back, Ian is really glad he got the vasectomy. “Without it I may have never noticed the lump.”  And, as he tells his family and friends, if you think there’s something wrong with you, there’s no shame in going to a doctor. “What you think is nothing might actually be something.”

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