Second Chance after Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

April 26, 2024

“Most men do not know what PSA means,” laments LaMont Walker, an extremely active Oxford-area father who boasts of beating his teenage son in hoops and trains daily with his daughter, a track and field state champion.

What nearly sidelined him, though, was prostate cancer.

LaMont was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in 2022. “I was extremely scared and sick to my stomach.”

LaMont met with Dr. Gregory McMahon to talk about his treatment options. He chose a prostatectomy, which involves removing part or all of the prostate gland.

“Dr. McMahon was very knowledgeable and eased my anxiety. He sketched on paper the moving parts of the prostate area and the cancer diagnosis. His method of nerve-sparing surgery allowed me to keep my quality of life and remain a virile man.”

Fifteen months after surgery, LaMont feels he has been given a second chance. “Fourteen days after the prostatectomy, I was able to be intimate again with my wife. In three months, I was back to roller skating, biking, singing, and performing with my band.”

His message to men is simple: “Get an annual physical to include a PSA test. Early detection is key. If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer in this day and time, there are more options to stay alive.”

To bring more awareness to PSA testing, LaMont created a slogan called “What’s Your PSA Level?” to start making conversations. He recorded a commercial for MidLantic Urology in his home studio and made this video in honor of Blue Monday and Men’s Health Awareness.

LaMont’s talents and energy are boundless; we are grateful for his passion and support.


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