Six Gifts from 2023 for Which We are Most Grateful

November 15, 2023

By: Jon Mackler MPA, FACHE | COO MidLantic Urology

A good health care provider will tell you that to practice medicine, you must practice gratitude. Never take those around you for granted.

It’s like coming together for Thanksgiving. Many of us have fallen into the routine of preparing the meal; making a beautiful table. The event is so predictable, right down to the last slice of pumpkin pie, yet we know each part of it is a gift.

As we prepare to celebrate with our own Thanksgiving feasts, we want to share what we’re grateful for with you.

  1. We’re grateful for coming together. MidLantic Urology is the coming together of the region’s top urology practices: Academic Urology, Urology Health Specialists, and Urology Consultants of Southeastern Pennsylvania. We now are home to more than 80 urologists and providers, and we’re particularly grateful for their commitment to easing the growing pains as a team. It has meant merging physical offices, purchasing contracts, and software systems; updating computer systems; and retraining staff.
  2. We’re grateful to share what we know. Our physicians generously take the time to educate their patients and community through free, multi-media content. More than 650 patients have taken advantage of our webinars, and we’re in the midst of producing 23 educational videos. Meanwhile, our physicians have recently been featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily Local News. To help the Greater Philadelphia community learn of these free resources, we’re sharing them through social media.
  3. We’re grateful to be in the wellness race. When it comes to men’s health, our physicians, staff, and families don’t just walk the walk, they run it. On Oct. 1, $112,000 was raised at the annual ZERO Prostate Cancer Walk/Run, an event to improve awareness about prostate cancer. One in eight men will be diagnosed with the condition, but thanks to efforts such as ZERO, the survival rate is nearly 99%.
  4. We’re grateful for our robust research department. One of the greatest discoveries in forming MidLantic Urology was the opportunity to advance our 20-plus years of clinical research experience. We now collaborate with more than 100 volunteer patients on clinical studies every year. In just the past two years, we have performed 33 trials on conditions including prostate and bladder cancers. You can check out the trials we have underway here.
  5. We’re grateful to access the best in innovation. Our budget is rigorously managed so MidLantic Urology can offer our patients the most promising new technologies. These leading-edge treatments include Rezūm water vapor therapy for enlarged prostates, a minimally invasive method to remove excess tissue. We also provide advanced cancer care at all of our 42 facilities, including our three state-of-the-art radiation oncology Pathway options include RapidArc radiation therapy, a very fast and precise form of image-guided radiation therapy.
  6. We’re grateful for you. No measure of success matches the support given by those who trust us. Our patients and community have generously provided that support through every step we’ve taken over the past several years. Your belief in us is our greatest asset, and gift. Thank you for choosing to place your care, and confidence, with us.

Lastly, We’re Thankful for Good Health

Good health is why we are here, and we want to ensure you and your loved ones are thankful for it in the coming years. Before 2024 starts, it might be time to schedule a wellness check. You’re always welcome.

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