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What You Should Know About Advanced Prostate Cancer

Because every prostate cancer patient is unique, every treatment plan is unique - personalized to your individual situation. At MidLantic Urology our goal is to provide exceptional cancer care close to your home.


What is Advanced Prostate Cancer?

Advanced prostate cancer is any form of prostate cancer in which a patient could benefit from treatment intensification with additional therapeutics including oral medication, infusion-based medications, or genetic targeted medications. This will include some men who have localized disease (the cancer is limited to the prostate), reoccurrence of their disease, or metastatic disease (the cancer has spread beyond the prostate).

MidLantic Urology’s goal is to provide every patient access to high quality care on a personal level.




What are the disease states of Advanced Prostate Cancer?

Advanced prostate cancer has several disease states, from left to right, as indicated here. A man is identified as having a certain disease state based on prostate biopsy results, imaging, and previous treatments.


How is Advanced Prostate Cancer Treated?

Treatment depends on the disease state of your cancer, and the effectiveness of current and previous treatments. Your MidLantic Urology care team may recommend one (or a combination) of these treatments:

  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgery
  • Androgen Deprivation Therapy (hormone treatment)
  • Combination of Androgen Deprivation with additional oral hormone therapy
  • Medications for patients with certain genetic alterations
  • Genetic testing
  • Chemotherapy
  • Infusion medication
  • Advanced imaging
  • Clinical trials. Your participation provides you the latest advancements in treatments for APC, and access to treatments that are being researched.

At MidLantic Urology you’ll find the same FDA-approved treatments for advanced prostate cancer found elsewhere in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. Every patient is unique. Expect your treatment plan to be personalized to your individual situation. Our goal is to provide exceptional cancer care in your local community.

Care Team

Who will treat my Advanced Prostate Cancer?

You want the right team to treat your advanced prostate cancer (APC). That means urologists, medical and radiation oncologists, and advanced practice providers who specialize in APC.

Ten MidLantic Urology physicians and 11 advanced practice providers have and continue to receive advanced training to appropriately treat APC. This team of APC champions will work together on your behalf. They routinely collaborate to ensure every patient’s treatment plan is comprehensive and right for them. We're located throughout Philadelphia and surrounding counties, in a community near you.

Physician champions

Chris Brooks MD, PhD | George Dakwar MD | Jeff Gordon MD, FACS | Lior Hirsch MD | Pankaj Kalra MD

Thomas Lanchoney MD | David McGinnis MD | Gregory McMahon DO | Lee Schachter MD | Jeff Walker MD

Advanced Practice Provider champions

Collin Cooper PA-C | Stephanie Daviduk PA-C | Lauren Francisci PA-C | Pauline Greene CRNP | Jaclyn Kleinschrodt PA-C

Emily Moore PA-C | Carly Piel PA-C | Chelsea Roberts PA-C | Susan Sailer CRNP-C, CUNP | Alaina Vincent PA-C | Rachel Wint PA-C


Jessica Cilurso | Elizabeth Franklin | Carol Wenger | Jamie Nord

Your care team also includes a Navigator who will:

  • Ensure your treatment is on track
  • Refer you to available resources
  • Answer questions from you and your family
  • Provide support as needed

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